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Alishan Hong Cha

Alishan Hong Cha


This hong cha comes from the same farm we get our Alishan oolongs from. This particular tea is made up of the Jinxuan cultivar. I've become a fan of how experimental tea farmers have become. This was one of the first black teas made with oolong leaves, that I have tasted. The mixture of non-traditional black tea leaves, rolled oolong production methods, and  full oxidation creates a complex and interesting tea.

Origin: Alishan, Zhuqi, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Harvest: June, 2019
Varietal: Jin Xuan
Type: Black Tea
Flavor notes: Chocolate, Black Pepper, Burdock root

Recommended brewing:
5g of tea; 130ml of water
90 degrees celcius
1.5 minute first infusion

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